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Ringo aka: Nick Rhodes

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This man not only knows how to play some mean music,but he can make you look like a clueless slug when it comes to looking good as well. Yet again, Nick can play yet another instrument that I know how to play only so well. Was never good at reading music, always played by ear.Hence that is probably the reason why I still can only play by memory, the first 4 pages of Moonlight Sonata,  so I just throw in "Shave and a Haircut" and am done with it. (My sincerest and most humble apologies to Beethoven btw).
Nick was in great form as well as the rest of the boys over at the casino where I saw them play. Had John somewhere jamming below me, Roger banging the hides to my left, Simon strutting his stuff all amongst the stage, Andy jumping and running somewhere under my seat perch, and Nick facing in the direction of my seat. (*insert mindless babble*)
I only could guess that Nick prolly thought I needed a tranquilizer, but he looked up to where I was at and waved. He waved, and I went into a coma, and soon after the show ended, and I believe we all went home. Happy nights!
               Though I do think I had "Regan"          
 from the "Exorcist"  3 seats down to my left, minus the vomitus and any form of crucifix in the local areas. But I suppose it's all good. Guess we all have our own special way of showing our admiration for our DD.
So to Nick and the rest of the guys, I will finish by saying this:
As you all travel the world, and see us fans : scream,  yell, cry, salivate, holler, faint, whistle, go into hysterics, clap, stamp, spew, dance, sing, enter comas , spin our heads *360.....whatever the fancy, always remember one thing, and that is;  it's all for you.  May you all rock on till you cannot simply pebble on any longer. We love you all !!!!


Date of Birth : June 8th, 1960
Full Name: Nicholas James Bates
Place of Birth: Hollywood,Birmingham,England
Favorite Food: Strawberries
Nickname: Ringo
Height: (Going to be a conversion pro here soon)
5'9'' in. or 175 cm.
Fav Bands/Albums cir-1984: Roxy Music- Stranded,
David Bowie- Station to Station, The Doors- The Doors,
Brian Eno- Music for Films, Grace Jones- Nightclubbing,Peter Gabriel- Peter Gabriel, YMO- Technodelic
Favorite Actors/Actresses: Dustin Hoffman,John Hurt/Sophia Loren, Nastassia Kinski