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Duran Duran Midi Files

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Duran Duran midis for your listening pleasure..! Please feel free and save them to your own pc using the Save As option.Enjoy and make merry..!

1. Reach_Up_for_the_Sunrise.mid

2. A_View_to_a_Kill.mid

3. Come Undone.mid

4. Crystal_Ship.mid


6. Girls_on_Film.mid

7. Hungry_Like_the_Wolf.mid

8. Is_There_Something.mid

9. Last_Chance_on_the_Stairway.mid

10. Lay_Lady_Lay.mid

11. New_Religion.mid

12. New_Moon_on_Monday.mid

13. Notorious.mid

14. Ordinary_World.mid

15. Rio.mid

16. Save_a_Prayer.mid

17. Shotgun.mid

18. Sound_of_Thunder.mid

19. Tel_Aviv.mid

20. The_Chauffeur.mid

21. The_Reflex.mid

22. Union_of_the_Snake.mid

23. Wild_Boys.mid

24. Do_They_Know_Christmas.mid

25.What Happens Tomorrow

26. Equan For You

Ordinary World Vers. 2

Save a Prayer Vers. 2

All files and original material copyrighted and owned by their creators.
All Rights Reserved@2006