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Click on the banner below to go to Duran Duran's official site . :)


"Something You Should Know" The Duran Fan Documentary "  is an independment film about Duran Duran that is going to be soon released, and has been in the works for over the past eighteen months, consisting of over 170 hours of footage from around the world, as well as including interviews with such artists as Dido, Korn, and No Doubt,  just to name a few. Come check out the site, and see what You can do to help promote this unique and unforgettable documentary.


Follow this link to bring you to an online radio servering site. Multiple stations that you can access.Can either set yourself up a free account, or a paid/monthly one as well.If you do decide to get a paid account, you have the option to create your own radio station, and choose the genre and music selection for your station that you create.


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