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A View to a Kill Movie Trailer

A View to a Kill - Sound file

Ah yes. Any Duran Duran website could not be complete without at least a paragraph of tribute to the golden spy himself, Mr. James Bond. Considering that most if not all of DD love/loved this character, I think it's only fitting that I offer you a paragraph of tribute, and maybe a few more additions to this page in honor of Mr B. Duran Duran did write and perform the theme song to one of the JB movies as most of you already know, so this is the least I can do. So enjoy!

A Small Tribute to the men behind 007

Sean Connery #1
Approx. 1962-1971 as Bond

George Lazenby #2
Played Bond in 1 film - 1969

Roger Moore #3
Played Bond approx. 1973-1985

Timothy Dalton
Played Bond from 1987-1989 2 films

Pierce Brosnan
Played Bond since 1995 - Present Time

And finally, a list of James Bond movie themes all in midi form and hopefully all in the correct order. yeah..

1. Dr_No.mid

2. From_Russia_With_Love.mid

3. Goldfinger.mid

4. Thunderball.mid

5. You_Only_Live_Twice.mid

6. On_Her_Majestys_Secret_Service.mid

7. Diamonds_Are_Forever.mid

8. Live_and_Let_Die.mid

9. The_Man_with_the_Golden_Gun.mid

10. The_Spy_Who_Loved_Me.mid

11. Moonraker.mid

12. For_Your_Eyes_Only.mid

13. Octopussy.mid

14. Never_Say_Never_Again.mid

15. A_View_to_a_Kill.mid DD Baby.Yeah!

16. The_Living_Daylights.mid

17. Licence_to_Kill.mid

18. Goldeneye.mid

19. Tomorrow_Never_Dies.mid

20. The_World_is_Not_Enough.mid

21. Die_Another_Day.mid

 Here are 3 more additional midis. The James Bond Theme, a James Bond Theme (techno style), and a James Bond medley.

B. James_Bond_Theme.mid

J. James_Bond_Theme_Techno_Mix.mid

B. James_Bond_Medley.mid

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