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Tigger/JT aka: John Taylor

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Ah yes. Welp, what can be said about this man that already hasn't been said repeatedly over the past 25 years. Um....
 ..... well..there you have it. Saw the boys in concert back home at the Mohegan Sun Casino on April 3rd. (Err..the casino is not my home, would have jumped off a bridge after receiving the first month's electricity bill if that was the case.) And so, when I was there for the show, was seated on the balcony overlooking John. Managed to not pee myself in the process, (but I believe there was a vending machine with Depends undergarments there for the less fortunate.)
Guitar I can play, Bass I cannot. Then again, I have not tried. But, in lieu of what I saw and heard that night, I think I will leave that playing to the bass god himself. Just as it should be I believe. And so, I only have one more thing to say I suppose:
Play the fookin' bass John, play that fookin' bass!

A Tigger! (Very um, energetic I might add)
It appears like um..welp..(ahem) never mind..Nexttt...!



Date of Birth: June 20th,1960
Full Name: Nigel John Taylor / Now..simply John Taylor
Place of Birth: Hollywood, Birmingham, England
Favorite Food: French dishes and McyD's Big Mac's
Nickname: Tigger, Tiger, JT
Height: 6' 2'' or in metric terms ..umm..(here we go again)- 188 cm. He's just plain tall everyone!! Simple as that ! :p

Bands/Albums John liked/enjoyed most: circa;1984:
Japan- Quiet Life, ABC- Poison Arrow, Roxy Music-Prarie Rose, Chic- Good Times, Rick James- Superfreak,
The Sex Pistols- Anarchy in the UK, Abba- Lay All Your Love On Me, YMO- Technopolis
Favorite Actors/Actresses: Sean Connery, Jack Lemmon, Harrison Ford, Scott Tracey, Roger Moore/ Faye Dunaway, Jane Fonda, Catherine Deneuve, Marilyn Monroe, Anita Pallenberg