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Sniffer aka: Andy Taylor

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Ahah. It's the Andy of all Andys,the Sniffer of all Sniffers. I would sell my right tit to acquire a guitar pick that belonged to this man.  I play, he PLAYS. And much like Simon, the man still holds an unknown energy source within him. Tracy herself must be a goddess to have kept up with him all these years!
I am telling you!
Andy, you are yet another god.
You should have an altar built for your worship.We could sacrifice lame boy bands' instruments.Hmm, no wait. What instruments?! Never mind, Scratch that ! Ah well! Carry on then! To The altar of Andy we meditate! *Hummmm*

A Sniffing something or other...not quite sure what it is.


Date of Birth: February 16th, 1961
Full Name: Andrew Taylor Wilson
Place of Birth: Cullercoats, England
Fav Food: Primarily Vegetarian
Nickname: Sniffer (see gif)
Height: (Sigh) okay, umm. 5' 9'' in. or umm 175 cm. 
Bands/Albums Andy liked/enjoyed;maybe still likes, who knows:
David Bowie-Life on Mars, Chic- Good Times, Cockney Rebel-Sebastian, Eagles- Hotel California, Roxy Music- Love is the Drug, Rolling Stones- Honky Tonk Woman,Mott the Hoople- One of the Boys, Rick James- Super Freak
Favorite Actors/Actresses(up to 1984 time frame ):
Harrison Ford, Dustin Hoffman/ Bo Derek, Stephanie Powers